6 Ways To Maintain Fitness During The Holiday Season

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Though we know it’s currently Nutcracker season, once that’s over, it’s holiday season. While the holidays are great for a break as well as rest and recovery, but go on holiday too long and you’ll dread the return. You know what I’m talking about – the cramps, the seizing of the muscles, the sudden inflexibility… that’s a lot to lose just for a holiday, don’t you think? To help combat the slump and somewhat keep your fitness levels up (without stepping into a dance studio), here are 6 ways to maintain fitness during the holiday season!

1. Plan, Set, Do

If you’re going to be travelling, one way to incorporate some physical activity is to know your surroundings. Does your hotel have a gym or fitness studio? If you’re staying in an Airbnb, are there any walking/hiking trails, or even a park nearby where you can stroll? These are the easiest ways to make sure you get some exercise in. Make yourself a routine to follow on holiday, and all that’s left is a little self-discipline to put it into action.

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2. Short, High-Intensity Exercises

Who says your workouts have to be extensive and time-consuming? Whether you’re staying in or travelling, you won’t have to exercise a lot for a long time while you’re on holiday. Incorporating high-intensity exercises for 30 minutes twice a week should help you maintain your strength and fitness till you resume your normal routine. A cardio workout may be best, and you can perform exercises that require no equipment, such as jump squats, mountain climbers, lunges, push-ups and star jumps just to name a few.

3. Do Strength Exercises

High-intensity exercise may take a toll on your body depending on each individual’s fitness levels. If you find that high-intensity exercise isn’t really your thing, you could cut down on the time on that, and replace it with other forms of exercises instead. Now’s the time where you can really focus on improving muscle strength and/or flexibility. You could pick one or two specific muscle groups to work on each time you workout, and keep changing them. Also, need we say “stretching”?

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4. Create Opportunities

In other words, don’t be a lazy bum and seek the easiest alternatives. In fact, this could even be incorporated into daily life whenever possible. Stairs instead of lifts. Depending on area security and time of the day, opt to park just a little further from your destination and walk a little more. Even when you’re travelling, you can take walks instead of public transport all the time. Get off the bus one or two stops away from your destination (if you’re not in a hurry) and walk. Those extra steps won’t kill you – in fact, they’re helping you stay active and healthy!

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5. Treat Yourself, But Not All The Time

A treat is only so enjoyable because it’s not something you do everyday at your liking. It’s a “once in a while” kind of thing. During the holidays, yes, please, by all means, indulge, but for a day or two, not for the whole week or month! Too much of anything can never be a good thing. So again, moderation is key here. You wouldn’t want to go back to class feeling like a chocolate ball… which you ate excessively when you were on break. Be smart about your indulgence!

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6. Anything Is Better Than Nothing

Last but not least, if you don’t get any exercise in, at least move. Don’t laze around all day doing nothing. Now we’re not talking about exercising, we’re just talking about being active. In the airport with time to kill? Walk up and down for a few minutes. Take a break from Netflix and walk up and down the stairs a few times. There’s actually a lot you can do without really “exercising”, it just depends on whether you really want to. At this point, anything is better than nothing!

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We think we’ll skip the pep talk now, but we hope that this would be helpful for you to stay fit during the upcoming holidays! If you have any other tips on keeping fit during the holidays, share it with us in the comments below!


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