About Us

About Us

Grace Rundi

Grace Rundi has been dancing ever since she could walk. Her earliest memories of dancing was twirling and jumping across the small living room from one end to the other. After her parents took her to a dance studio, the rest was history. Her first love for dance was ballet, which she then slowly explored other dance forms such as contemporary, street dance, latin etc. Currently, she focuses on dancehall and ballet.

She has always been fascinated with stories. With her love of reading and writing, she blogs on several platforms. With Expression Platform, she hopes to grow, support, and expose the dance community in an educational and positive light.

With her love for the arts, she continuously searches for her artistic voice, spotting muses, and discovering inspirations.

Yiing Zhi

Yiing Zhi put on her very first pair of ballet shoes just before she turned four, and has never looked back since. Throughout her dance journey, she has been exposed to other types of dance such as contemporary, tap, modern jazz, and even a little bit of hip-hop, but her heart and soul firmly belongs to ballet.

Words have grabbed her attention ever since her mum introduced them; and she grew up on a diet of fiction books, her obsession being Harry Potter. It was a matter of time before she decided to combine words and dancing through Expression Platform.

When she’s not dancing, reading or writing, she’s munching on a slice of strawberry watermelon cake.

Current dance status: Still working on that grand jeté!

A Glance at Dance

Expression Platform: A Glance at Dance is a space for all dancers and non-dancers alike to glimpse the world of dance through another’s eyes – it’s why we settled on “A Glance at Dance”. Everyone dances differently, and views dance differently; it’s diversity in unity. Through Expression Platform, we hope to educate the general public about dance, to bring to light common issues in the dance community, and to spread the joy of dancing! We would love to know what dance means to you – what has your glance at dance taught you, and how has it impacted your life! Share your perspective, experience, feelings, and anything else regarding dance with us by using the hashtag #aglanceatdance on Instagram!