Dancers’ How-To

Social Media: How To Use It To Improve Your Dance Training

February 20, 2020

Social media can be a powerful tool for dancers. Here are some positive ways that you can use social media and how to use it to improve your dance training!

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How To Cope With Jealousy in Dance and Make It Useful

February 9, 2020

Jealousy can harm the mental health and performance of a dancer. Here are ways on how to cope with jealousy in dance and make it useful!

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How To Do A Good Warm-Up Before Dancing For Better Performance

January 17, 2020

Create your own warm-up that can help prepare your body to dance and perform better. Here are the four sections you need to be doing in your warm-ups!

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5 New Year Dance Resolutions in 2020 To Achieve

January 2, 2020

To start off the new year right, here are 5 new year dance resolutions for dance this year and tips on how you can achieve them!

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5 Types of Cross Training For Dancers To Improve Physical Performance

November 28, 2019

If you’re looking to get into cross training outside of the dance studio, here are 5 cross training recommended for dancers to improve physical performance!

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How To Cope With Performance Anxiety and Boost Your Performance

October 17, 2019

Tips on how to cope with performance anxiety and how you can turn them into an advantage to your performance!

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4 Nutrients To Relieve Muscle Soreness And Recover Faster

September 19, 2019

Say goodbye to muscle soreness! You can now dance better by eating these 4 nutrients to relieve muscle soreness and recover faster.

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Tips on How To Prevent Dance Injuries

September 5, 2019

Dancing is physically challenging and having injuries is a nightmare for dancers. Luckily enough, there are ways to prevent dance injuries. Here’s how!

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