Malaysia’s Top Urban Choreographer: Andrew Foo Hin Seong

You’ve probably heard his name and the beautiful choreographies he has done. It’s none other than Andrew Foo. After 5 years based in Singapore, he came back with the goal to nurture new generations and build the dance community in his homeland.

With 12 years of education and experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, Andrew has been invited to conduct workshops locally and teach internationally such as Singapore and China. He has also been selected to perform internationally and worked with world-class dancers such as Pat Cruz, Mike Song, and Christopher Martin.

Currently, he is a dance crew member of Empire (Singapore), Tcartsba (Malaysia), and Organization 13 (Malaysia).

Here’s an exclusive interview with one of Malaysia’s top urban choreographer, Andrew Foo! An upcoming international choreographer who stays grounded with a passion for building the local dance community.

Andrew Foo’s Personal Accomplishments

International Performances

  • 2014 – R! Recital Chris Martin guest item
  • 2015 – Gottomove Pat Cruz , Mike Song , Mike Fal item
  • 2015 – R! Recital Sorah Yang guest item
  • 2016 – R! Recital Pat Cruz and Vinh Nguyen guest item
  • 2016 – Swaggout Larkin Poynton guest item
  • 2017 – En Dance summer showcase guest item ( Team R ) by Recognizestudios
    Director / Choreographer : Chris Martin & Larkin Poynton

Competition Achievement

2015 – 1st place of Danz collective , battle of the choreography
2018 – Champion of Singapore All Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle (ABCD)
2018 – Champion of Indonesia Open Concept
2019 – Champion of Singapore Open Concept

Local Dance Production

2019 – Choreographer for The Experience Showcase

Favourite Quote: Never give up. (Fun fact: Andrew has it tattooed on his wrist.)

Get To Know Andrew!

Q: What age did you start dancing?

A: I started dancing at the age of 14.


Q: Who have you trained with/where have you trained before?

A: Back in 2007, Bboy Eddie was one of the top bboys in my hometown which is Ipoh, Perak. I was trained and mentored under him for about 2-3 years.


Q: What is your current dance status?

A: I’m still active in dancing. However, I am no longer focusing on breaking.

Andrew’s Dance Journey

Q: How did you get started in dance?

A: My secondary school senior used to do breaking in school. That’s how I got exposed to breaking and thus, started learning it.


Q: What is your dance style? Could you provide a brief explanation on it?

A: Urban choreography, more specifically, the vocabulary and flow of movements are consists of different genres/elements which are contemporary, breaking and hip hop.


Q: What made you pursue dance overseas? What did you find inspiring about the dance scene overseas? 

A: I want and need a breakthrough. Due to the restrictions and limitations in the Malaysian dance scene back then, I had to make a decision and travel overseas for my dream.

Mainly, I think the culture, learning environment, and mindset in the Singapore dance scene are very different. It was very motivating and encouraging in general.


Q: Any specific memorable moment(s) throughout your dance journey you’d like to share with us?
Any specific advice someone has given you that stuck with you and shaped you into the dancer you are today?

A: Throughout my dance journey, my most memorable memory was being a part of Project Home. It was founded by world renowned dancers – Christopher Martin and Larkin Poynton.

They inspired me about the purpose of dancing and the unique style they do influenced me very deeply. Their works normally portray a message that reflect the society which we often neglect, and that’s what moves me. I could say they are the biggest inspirations to me. What they do solidly shapes my path and what I will be constantly working on in the future in Malaysia, for myself, and the younger generations.

Q: When choreographing a piece, can you briefly describe your process?

A: One of the most beautiful things in life is putting the right movements in rhythms. I always start with a song that touches me the most, and also being able to speak for me and others. Speak a message, tell a purpose. If it doesn’t speak to you, it wouldn’t work for others as well.

Create a meaningful piece that serves a purpose, rather than creating a choreography to dance.


Q: Recently you were invited to teach in Kinjaz Dojo X Sinostage, what are your thoughts on your teaching experience there? 

A: While teaching, I learn from my students as well. It was fun and memorable, and most importantly, I was reminded more to share and inspire selflessly for the new generation.


Q: What is your goal in the dance world?/What do you hope to achieve in the future in terms of dance?

A: When I decided to come back to my homeland, I knew exactly what I want to build – a community that truly appreciates and admires my artworks and my way of expression in dance. I wish more people will understand and get inspired by this art form in our dance industry.

Q: In your opinion, what areas should the local dance scene grow & expand?

A: To become a more open minded and embracing environment for the newer generations. Everything evolves in time, acceptance is what is truly needed. And what’s important is to bring up the scene and to promote unity is a crucial part in our industry. I genuinely hope to see more PEACE, LOVE and UNITY in our scene.


Q: If you could give one advice to upcoming dance generation today, what would it be? 

A: Be courageous , be adventurous and be appreciative. Give yourself a duration of time, set a goal and go full force towards your direction. Hard work will not get no return. Just go for it.


Q: Based on your “glance at dance”, how has dance impacted you as a person?

A: Dance gives me a purpose like how I should give dance a purpose and it drives me so powerfully that I would sacrifice my time with family and friends to pursue overseas. The hardest step to take is the first step, dance certainly gives me strength, courage and determination. It has brought me so far and more, I sincerely thank dance for it.

Get In Touch With Andrew!

If you’d like to connect, collab, or get the newest updates about Andrew, follow him on his Instagram : @r_a.n.d.r.e.w__!

Learn From Andrew!

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