Social Media: How To Use It To Improve Your Dance Training

Social media has taken over the world by storm, including the dance world.

Dancers are now more connected than ever where dancers from all over the world are able to share their art online. Some may argue that this is the best thing ever, while others may think it can do more harm than good to the values of dancers and dance in general.

The best thing to do here is to use the positive side of social media and be aware of how don’t over rely on it.

So listed below are the positive ways that you can use social media and how to use it to improve your dance training!

Your Source of Inspiration

With the help of social media, the whole world is more connected now, including professional dancers.

Social media can be a great source of inspiration where you can get plenty of insights from other dancers. If you’re interested to learn a new dance style, why not search up a specialised dancer in that dance style! Are you seeking for more inspiration on footwork? Many dancers now post up snippets of their freestyle or choreography where you can refer and get more ideas. Working on your double or triple pirouttes? Watching some videos of other dancers achieving that can motivate you to work even harder.

The more you watch and consume videos of how other dancers are dancing, the easier it is for you to get into that headspace and mindset. This works espcially well when you watch the behind-the-scenes of dancers in their profession. You’ll be able to get insight on the high and lows of being a professional dancer from an outside perspective.

With that being said, always make sure to look for dancer accounts that are informative and professional. They should be giving off positive messages where they make you feel like you want to work even harder to improve in the studio and on stage.

Scroll with Intention

Following accounts and scrolling their feed doesn’t give much benefit unless you do it with intentions.

Your intention should be to learn something new that can help you improve in your dance training. So try to pick something from their post that you can apply into your own dance training!

If you’re watching a choreography piece, try looking deeper into it by understanding the dancer’s technique, the smooth transitions, or musicality. You can point out what you like or don’t like from it, and how you can use this to improve your current dancing.

Other than that, pay attention to what are their upcoming projects they will be involved. Perhaps it could be something totally new that you can explore as well! Keep yourself updated on what excites you because that’s something that fuels your passion.

You’ll be surprised at how much tips and advice you’ll be able to learn if you pay closer attention. You may find yourself learning a new trick on breaking in pointe shoes while watching rehearsal footages, or discover a new warmpup exercise that can relieve anxiety.

Bear in mind that not all tips you see in videos are applicable and practical to your training. So if you’re planning to try something new for the first time, make sure you run it through with your teacher so that you know it’s whats best for you!

Keeping Yourself In Updated

If you want to succeed as a dancer, you need to take the initiative to get yourself out there. This means going for auditions for commercials, local dance company, or performances. The more your keep yourself exposed and engaged, the better it is for you to network and meet the right people for your dance career.

Social media is a great way to access these new oppotunities. Many dance and even entertainment companies are now on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. If there’s a company you’re interested to work with, follow them and keep yourself updated on their upcoming audition dates, times, and locations. You can also stay in trend by following up on their upcoming performances and works that may interest you.

Who knows? All these may open up doors for you in your dance career as it did for many professional dancers and choreographers.

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Social Media vs. Real Life Experience

Although social media may allow you to experience and give information without you physically present, having real life experiences is just as important.

Having a teacher to physically teach you is always the better option than memorising choreography from watching social media. You’ll be able to learn all the tiny details that you may miss out from just watching and learning yourself.

Watching live performances are what really helps you to receive and understand the energy being given off from dancers. Often times whatever is posted on social media is curated. So don’t lose sight of experiencing something raw when you watch live dancing, even if it’s just watching rehearsals backstage. These moments are in real time – non filtered and no editing.

Social media can be that spark for you to learn, expose and experience more, but dance is a living art form that ultimately needs to be experienced in real life with human connection.

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